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Ten truths on the Five Imprisoned Cubans Heroes in United States

Wilkie Delgado Correa


The situations and urgent circumstances of necessity lived by their homeland in the face of the organized, finance and executed terrorism from United States, with ramifications in other countries, determined the taking of five men's decision to complete the mission taken to risk in the breast of the anti-Cuban mafia that privately and openly proclaimed terrorist plans against Cuba. They were not spies that were hunting for very saved secrets of the security of United States. They were revolutionary fighters infiltrated in organizations, groups and terrorist environment in Miami.


Those five man are Cuban patriots whose professions and trajectories reveal the solid intellectual and integral formation that they possess: Economist, Ramón Labańino; aviation Pilot, René González; Graduates in International Relationships: Fernando González and Gerardo Hernández; Civil Engineer of Airports and Poet, Antonio Guerrero. In fair recognition to their human values they have been proclaimed Heroes of the Republic of Cuba.


The information offered by the five Heroes on the terrorist stocks planned from United States (about 170), were used to neutralize the macabre plans and to avoid the death of Cuban citizens and innocent foreigners. In the same year of their detention, this sensitive information (recordings, pictures, films, diverse dates, etc.) were shared and in knowledge of the government of the United States that falsely showed interest in knowing them to act consequently, and sent to Havana a delegation from the FBI. In that occasion the FBI delegation committed to analyze this information, and to reciprocate with an answer to the Cuban authorities. However, the only answer that the North American authorities have offered, until today, it has been the capture of the five Cuban patriots.


The mission of the five Heroes had a bigger connotation than the simple monitoring and prevention of the stocks of terrorism, since it was also directed to avoid possible incidents that served as pretext for an armed aggression of United States against Cuba. Therefore, the most transcendent significance of their acts is their contribution to the peace between the people of Cuba and United States.


After their detention, the five Heroes were maintained in prison under conditions of cruel and inhuman treatment, included the absolute isolation during months, groundless justified some. They were judged in the hostile atmosphere of Miami, in spite of the intervening application to the tribunal for the headquarters change. There, natural habitat of the terrorist groups, who carried out propaganda campaigns and mobilization against the five Heroes, besides influencing on the judge and the jury.


These five Heroes were sanctioned, against the grain of the right and the morals, with limitless and unjust hardships: Gerardo, to two life imprisonments plus 15 years of privation of freedom; Ramón, to a life imprisonment; Antonio, to a life imprisonment; Fernando, to 19 years of privation of freedom; René, to 15 years of privation of freedom.

The working Group of the Commission of Human rights of the United Nations that subjected to analysis this case due the relatives' application, ruled that the applied sanctions to the five Heroes are arbitrary and illegal in the light of the international and North American right and urged the government of the United States to repair this injustice.

To make more severe the applied prison to the five Heroes, the visits of their mothers, wives and other relatives have been restricted and to make it even crueller they have denied the visit of Gerardo's wife and the wife and smaller daughter (6 years old) of René.


The application interposed by the lawyers of the defense of the five Heroes to the Appellate Court of the Eleventh Circuit of Atlanta, was assisted by three designated judges to the effect who after near 2 years, failed in favor of the petition, they ruled the realization of a new trial in another headquarters and they declared null the sanctions imposed by the tribunal of Miami.

Recently, the appeal resource presented by the North American district attorney to the Full of this Court, sentenced as valid the initial judicial trial of Miami and, therefore, it underrated, in an unparalleled verdict, the well bases verdict of the three judges. In view of this judicial sentence, it is only necessary to conclude that the justice can be sold and with it the honor. In this case, the justice and the honor have been saved by the two integral judges of the Court who, bravely and honestly, maintained their votes against a decision motivated by political trends.


At the moment it is in process an appeal interposed by the lawyers of the Heroes. The five Heroes hope — and the humanity — that the honor of the justice will be saved in some moment by one of the levels of the North American system of justice.


The cause of the five Heroes counts with thousands defenders all over the world, including the United States. Today thousands of personalities, organizations and institutions everywhere participate in an international fight for the liberation of the Five. Few causes in the world stir up so active sample of solidarity at the moment. It is a special phenomenon — in spite of so much silence of the mass media — that groups, in a common front, men and women of the five continents, and also the award-winning with the Prize Nobel, politicians of varied ideologies, writers, jurists, ecclesiastical, artists and other professionals of the different sectors of the society.


The allegations of the five Heroes in front of the tribunal that judged them and sanctioned them wrongly, constitute five outstanding oratorical pieces that present the better humanistic point of view about the politics, the ideology, the jurisprudence, the morals, the sociology and the history of our time.

    "Our allegations are based in the strict truth, in the solidity of the principles that we hug and in the honor of the heroic Cuban people", Antonio affirmed.

    "My country and my people were forced more than thirty years ago to wake up to the danger and were call to defend their freedom", Fernando said.

    "This has been a political trial and, as such, we are political prisoners", Ramón emphasized.

    "The reason and the justice will prevail above the political prejudices and the desires of revenge", Gerardo expressed.

    "We will continue appealing to these human values and the vocation for the truth of the North American people with all the patience, the faith and the courage that it can infuse us the crime of being worthy", René declared.

The best defense that one can conceive to claim an attitude and a worthy behavior, is in the many truths present in their allegations. And there is forcefulness in the ideas, valid for all the Heroes that reached resonance in front of the tribunal in voice of Gerardo:

    "Your majesty, the Office considers, and has requested this way, that I should spend the rest of my life in jail. I trust that if not in this, are in some other level of the system, the reason and the justice will prevail, in front of the political prejudices and the desires of revenge, and it will be understood that we have not harmed to this country nor that we deserve this condemn. But if not this way, let me repeat the words of one of the biggest patriots of this nation, Nathan Hale, when he said: Only I complaint for no having more than a life to offer for my homeland ".

René, Gerardo, Fernando, Ramón y Tony: ˇVolverán!

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(6 de diciembre de 2006)

    Dr Wilkie Delgado Correa
    Profesor de Mérito del Instituto Superior de Ciencias Medicas de Santiago de Cuba

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