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9th Luis Montané Physical Anthropology Symposium — 5th Congress on Primates as National Patrimony — 2nd Colloquium on Primates Across the Caribbean — 2nd Manuel Rivero de la Calle Anthropology Colloquium

Armando Rangel Rivero

Havana, Cuba

April 4-8, 2005

In Commemoration of the 15th Anniversary of the founding of the Cuban Society of Biological Anthropology

The Montané Anthropology Museum and the Luis Montané Center of Anthropology at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Havana, the Cuban Society of Biological Anthropology, and the Eopithecus Society of Primatology Studies of Mexico convene the "Ninth Luis Montané Physical Anthropology Symposium", the "Fifth Primates as National Patrimony Congress, the Second Colloquium Primates Across the Caribbean" and the "Second Manuel Rivero de la Calle Anthropology Colloquium", April 4-8, 2005.

These simultaneous events will allow physical anthropologists to carry out extensive activity in the scientific environment and in human relationships. We are sure participation will contribute to professional enrichment and the exchange of scientific experiences.

Anthropological topics

  • Forensic Anthropology.
  • Dental Anthropology.
  • Bioarcheology.
  • Osteology.
  • Prehispanic Settlement of The Caribbean.
  • Ontogeny.
  • Human Ecology.
  • Population Genetics.
  • Biodemography.
  • Anthropology of Physical Activity.
  • Social Repercussion of Human Variation.
  • Anthropology of Health and Illness.
  • Teaching of Anthropology.
  • Ergonomic Anthropology.
  • Nutritional Anthropology.
  • Human Ecology.
  • History and Epistemology of Anthropology.

Primathological topics

  • Zoonoses and Public Health.
  • Behavior and Ethology.
  • Veterinary Medicine and Preventive Medicine.
  • Biology and Handling of Primates.
  • Paleoprimatology and Evolution.
  • Biosecurity.
  • Pathology and Toxicology.
  • Ecology and Conservation.
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics.
  • Nutrition and Animal Health.
  • Neuroscience.
  • History of Primatology.
  • Experimental Surgery.
  • Radiology and Imaging.
  • Animal well-being.
  • Traffic in Primates.

Scientific program

The scientific program includes lectures by invited speakers of a high national and international recognition, oral communications and posters.

Round tables, workshops, and specialized courses, whose duration, structures, mechanics and inscription fees will be defined by the organizers, will be carried out. Preliminary proposals must be received up to May 30.

Guidelines for papers

Papers will be unedited. Each participant could send four papers but only two as first author will be accepted. Only could be present at the congress those papers whose first authors have covered the registration fees. Abstracts should be sent before August 30, with the application form. Abstracts may be sent by e-mail or air mail but not faxed. The time for presentation of papers is limited to 15 minutes. Those who will present at the poster sessions will have an area of 0,90 m x 0,90m for each one. While the official language of the Congress is Spanish, papers in Portuguese and English are acceptable.

Abstracts should include:

  1. Modality: oral or poster.
  2. Title: in uppercase (including scientific names), maximum 25 words.
  3. Author(s) name(s), affiliation and postal and electronic addresses, pointing out with an asterisk (*) the presenter.
  4. Abstract body: no more than 250 words, written without separate paragraphs, single space with New Times Roman 12 font, aligned to left without subtitles, bibliographic references or abbreviations. The abstract text should be a brief,concise description of the problem, objectives, methods, results and conclusions.

The preliminary registration form below should be sent to the Secretary of the Congress before May 30.

Scientific correspondence

Dr. Armando Rangel Rivero
Scientific Secretary
Museo Antropológico Montané
Facultad de Biología, Universidad de La Habana
Calle 25 # 455, entre J e I. El Vedado
Ciudad de La Habana 10400. Cuba
Phones: (537) 832-9000/879-3488.
Or by e-mail to: Armando Rangel: — Braulio A. Hernández:

The Organizing Committee

Important dates:

  • Preliminary proposals of round tables, courses and preliminary registration: May 30.
  • Oral presentation and poster abstracts: August 30.
  • Communication of abstract acceptance or rejection: September 30.

Preliminary Registration Form

    Name: ___________________

    Institution: ___________________

    Position: ___________________

    Degree: ___________________

    Address: ___________________

    City: ___________________

    State: ___________________

    Postal Code: ___________________

    Country: ___________________

    E-mail: ___________________

Please return the form to Armando Rangel: by May 30th.

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