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The Letter of Year 2006. The Organizing Commision to Take Out the Letter

Comisión Organizadora de la Letra del Año

Comisión Organizadora de la Letra del AñoFor Cuba and the world.
To the Priests of Ifa, to our Brothers the Oriates, Babaloshas, Iyaloshas, and Iworos.
To the Religious Public in General.

On December 31, 2004 992 Ifa priests, representing the vast majority of branches and families from Cuba, gathered. At the house temple situated on Ave 10 de Octubre #1509 and Josefina y Gertrudis, Víbora, Municipio 10 de Octubre, City of La Habana, Cuba.

This ceremony was presided over by the Ifa priest Guillermo Diago "Ogbe Weñe" and the letter was taken out by the youngest priest.

These orientations are the result of a thorough analysis undertaken by a group of priests with broad knowledge and recognized prestige, both nationally and internationally.

Ruling Sign: Oggundá Irete (Oggundá Akete).
Orunla Onire (Can be revealed through Orumila).
Prophecy: Osogbo Arun Otorunwa (Illnesses that appear at any moment due to unknown and unforseen causes).
Ruling Divinity: Representing Oloddumare (The Supreme) in earth, which is why is considered Father to all the other Heads. He is also the Orisha (Deity) of Justice. Lives in high places. Pregnant women give him sacrifices to make sure of giving birth to perfect and healthy children. Is the Osha of spiritual purity and cleanliness. It is tabu for his followers to consume alcoholic beverages, horse's meat, peppers and food with much flavor and spices. White and plain foods will make life more comfortable and longer. Is worshiped in the City of Ifón and comes from Irange, Nigeria. The albinos are his followers.
Accompanying Divinity: Oshún, Deity of Maternity and protector of the newly born. Sacrifices are given to her to protect our children, during the pregnancy and at an early age (post-natal. She is wise and generous. Homage is paid to her at very deep places, where the river is born and where the river flows. She is received to relieve the problems with the children and helps in their formation and behavior.
Flag of the Year: White with green border. Ebbó: 3 chickens (for Eshu) 3 nails, a flowerpot, 7 coconuts, 7 kepis (military hats) and other ingredients.
Prayer to Orunmilla with 2 coconuts painted white

This document is distributed free and this Commission is not responsible for outside people who sell it in the spirit of profit.

Illnesses to Beware of

  • There will be a surge of diseases unknown to the Medical Sciences.
  • There will be a surge in brain diseases - vascular related, in many instances with problems of sexual nature.
  • There will be a surge of skin diseases.
  • Stomach related illnesses.
  • Danger of malformation of children before birth.
  • Serious disorders of the central nervous system.
  • Hormonal malfunctions.

Events of Social Concern

  • Increase in criminal activities.
  • Modification within the penal system.
  • Breaking of agreements.
  • Problems in the Public Health Sector.
  • High incidence in breakdown of morality.
  • The fight against promiscuity in the home.
  • A call is made to the World's Society to analyze the existing high levels of corruption in all the spheres.
  • A call is made to the family regarding the methods for reorganization in the education of the children.
  • There is a sign that warns of the danger in the increase of violence.
  • To protect all the water Reservoirs.
  • Danger of drought.
  • This signs keeps in force the care we must have in relation with the climatological disruptions and its lethal consequences.
  • To organize all the economic affairs in order to avoid great losses of money.
  • This sign demands from all the observance of all the moral laws.


  1. We call on the Health Systems to take measures relevant to the prevention of new diseases caused by unknown agents.
  2. Be careful of Robberies.
  3. Avoid the excessive ingestion of alcoholic beverages.
  4. To take precaution with the extreme trust involved in delegating responsibilities.
  5. To look for unity between neighbors and to avoid the nuisances that affects its coexistence (noises, rackets, etc.).
  6. To promote Family Unity.
  7. To avoid rivalry between men and women from a familiar and professional point of view.
  8. Ebbó Omí without sacrifice (blessed water) with coconut water.
  9. Only faith and prayer save.

Proverbs of the Sign

  • "The one that entrusts his secret to other becomes his slave".
  • "Discretion is what has the greatest value for man".
  • "The fisherman neither knows where the sea gets its water nor the origin of the small lake".
  • "We cannot deceive each other face to face among ourselves".

Metaphorical Messages

  • If we tell a lie, we appear to be agitated, if we tell the truth we appear to be at ease.
  • The road became very long towards an adjacent land.
  • The hat of the king who shaves his head discovers it.
  • The baby leaves of the Palm of Ikin (Plant) touch the soil and sprout again.

Collective Sacrifice for the Benefit of the Community

    1 Goat, 1 nail (Spanish style) and other ingredients.

Note: It is recommended to go to your respective padrinos looking for individual orientations.

The Commission Organized to Take out the Sign of the Year Wishes you a Happy and Prosperous 2005 Year.

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