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VII International Congress on Cultural Heritage: Safeguard and Management. Convention’s Palace, Havana, Cuba (From March 17th to 21st, 2008)

Centro Nacional de Conservación, Restauración y Museología (CENCREM)

The Organizing Committee gladly invites you to share sessions with other specialists and experts from worldwide in the 7th International Congress on Cultural Heritage, to be held from March 17th to 21st, 2008, in Havana, with the purpose of exchanging experiences referred to the wide framework of activities involved in the protection of cultural heritage.


  • National Center for Conservation, Restoration and Museology (CENCREM)
  • National Center of Cultural Heritage (CNPC)
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Convention’s Palace, Havana

Main Topics:

  • Ethical and Legal Framework on the Defense and Protection of Cultural Heritage: Legislation, rules, conventions, directives and cultural policies; intellectual property, theoretical, methodological and normative tools; awarding system (Living Memory Award; Communitarian Culture Award; declaration of different categories of cultural heritage –as local, municipal, provincial, national and of humanity, etc); protection; research, results and applications in short, middle and long terms; specialized formation, updating and optimizing legislations on Cultural Heritage.

  • Economics, Planning and Finances, Inversions (towards and for) the Spiritual Values and Cultural Heritage’s Goods: Valuating and rating of cultural goods, marketing and commercializing (reproduction and auction sales), stamps and labels, illicit trade, incidence on the national GDP; research, results and exploitation in short, middle and long term; investments and finances; sustainable development, management plans; commercial observatory and market monitoring.

  • Integral Management: Specialized training; clean technologies (on conservation, restoration and rehabilitation); risk and disaster diminishing, plans; preservation and conservation (methods, practices, ethics and legal frameworks), registration, inventory and scientific files; system for cultural heritage documentation, depending on its typology (from its very identification and characterization until its socialization and divulgation/promotion); tourism and impact, research, results and exploitation in short, middle and long term (alternatives to face resources´ shortage; rationalization of treatment and creation of products and materials to be used in the interventions on cultural heritage); plans for integral management and sustainable development; revaluating, projects for physical planning on re-use of architectonic heritage without harming social welfare; evaluation of the integral functioning of museums and collections from the view if the new tendencies of museology and the treatment of cultural heritage; micro-biological, entomological, environmental and deterioration control; diagnosis for the conservation and preservation of the values and the heritage’s cultural goods.

  • Products and Services: Communications and updated technologies; cartography, culture, thematic catalogues (per cultural institution, topic, geographical region, period, style; ethnical, geographical and archeological antecedent; fauna, flora, underwater, biosphere reserve, etc.); monographic materials, atlas, reproduction, publications, worships and school extra class activities (for children and youngsters), educational programs (within the general, specialized, university and for the elder persons systems); assessment and services for other countries; research, results and exploitation in short, middle and long term; impact on the social conduct in correspondence to values and cultural goods.


Information by Jesús Guanche
(23 de julio del 2007)

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