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X Festival of Chinese Overseas. International Theoretical Conference. Call

Organizing Comitte of the X Festival of Chinese Overseas

The Chinese Arts and Traditions House of the Havana City Historian Office and the Cathedra of Chinese Immigration Studies in Cuba from "Fernando Ortiz" High Studies Center in Havana University convoke to the International Theoretical Conference to be held during the X Festival of Chinese Overseas, from May 30th to June 3rd, 2007.

The main objective of this International Theoretical Conference is to join researchers -wether professionals or not- involved in the investigation of the Chinese immigrants in Cuba and other countries and, therefore, propitiate an academic exchange of ideas, debate and deepening in those research works.

All the activities of this Festival will deal with the celebrations of the 160th Aniversary of Chinese Arrival to Cuba and the following topic will preside our events:

      • Chinese Associations in Chinese Overseas Communities.

The themes for debating are:

  • Chinese immigrant and his ways of socializing
  • Associations and the defense of identity.
  • The task of Chinese Associations in Chinese Overseas Communities.
  • Economical, political and social activities in Chinese Overseas Communities.
  • Strategy for the development of this communities
  • Public space and cultural activities.
  • Others.

All the papers related with the above themes can be exposed by means of posts -from 15 to 25 sheets of copy length- printed and in digital format, with a pre-view résumé presentation.

National researcher's works will be selected during the National Workshop on October 2006, during the traditional festivities for Historical October, celebrated by the Chinese Arts and Traditions House and the Cathedra of Chinese Immigration Studies in Cuba.

Those interested in this International Theoretical Event can be registered up to March 30th, 2007 by contacting:

    MSc. Yanet Jiménez Rojas
    Casa de Altos de Estudios Don Fernando Ortiz
    L No. 160, Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
    Fax: 537 8 329115
    Teléfono: 537 832 3200 — 537 8326841

    Lic. Carmen Eng
    Casa de Artes y Tradiciones chinas
    Salud 313 entre Gervasio y Escobar, Centro Habana, La Habana
    Teléfono: 8639632 — 8635450 — 8609976

The quote to participate in the Festival is as follows:

    Foreign delegates: $ 120.00 CUC
    Companions: $ 80.00 CUC
    Cuban delegates: $ 120.00 PESOS

    This quote includes:

  • Participation in all the activities of the Festival.
  • Welcome toast, lunch and Closure of the Festival.
  • Demonstrations of Chinese Arts and Traditions.

We will be waiting for your immediate response to this call as to give your further details and informations.

Esperamos su rápida respuesta a fin de detallarle otras informaciones de interés.

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