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New equipment set up in Cardiology

Marisela Hernández García

The set up of a modern echocardiograph in the University Hospital Camilo Cienfuegos of this province represents a step forward in the local cardiologic services.

Photo: Vicente BritoThis equipment has better performance compared to the previous and keeps the patients from moving to other institutions, mainly to the capital in search for more specific diagnoses of heart diseases. Doctor Manuel Lage, boss of the Provincial Group of Cardiology, said to Escambray that the new equipment allows the study and pursuit of ischemic and valve diseases and evaluates in a precise way the diastolic and systolic functions of the heart.

Lage also stated that this equipment shows the doctor the best time to operate a patient. This echocardiogram works as an ultrasound and has a keyboard and a high resolution screen attached to it; it will be connected with a computer which will be connected with Infomed; this will give an specialist the option to perform inter-consults with close or far colleagues.

This all is part of the different actions of Health carried out in the territory, where also a cardiologic net is being developed with groups of doctors trained in the prevention and treatment of illnesses in charge of that specialty.

From 1970 until 1999, the amount of deceased in Cuba due to heart problems increased, similar behavior of the developed countries and where the main thing is to avoid those problems is to maintain healthy habits and lifestyles based on the physical exercise and healthy feeding, among other factors.


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