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African Cultural Center "Fernando Ortiz" IX International Conference On African And Afroamerican Culture (from 10 to 15 april, 2006)

Centro Cultural Africano "Fernando Ortiz"Cátedra de Estudios Afrocaribeños "Rómulo Lachatañeré"Teatro HerediaDirección Provincial de CulturaCátedra UNESCO de Estudios Afroiberoamericanos de la Universidad de AlcaláCentro de Lingüística Aplicada de la Delegación Territorial del CITMAPublicitaria ImágenesUniversidad de Oriente

The African Culture Center "Fernando Ortiz", the lecture forum of afro Caribbean studies "Rómulo Lachatañeré", the "Heredia" Theatre, the UNESCO Senior Teaching post of Alcalá de Henares University, the main cultural authorities in the province, the Applied Linguistics Center from CITMA, "Imágenes" advertising from CIMEX, Oriente University, summon you to the VIII African and Afro-American International Culture Conference, to be held in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

Taking into account the different subjects, the top priority of the conference is to reflex on the main problems regarding the african topics on the past of the specialists and all those interested on it.

The African Cultural Center summons you and all those artists, sociologists, doctors, and persons interested in general, to establish a debate about the following topics.

General topics

  • Pre-colonial Africa. Economical, political and social structure.
  • Colonial Africa Main European settlement. The formation of countries and nationalities in Africa. Liberation war. Africa and its relationship with the rest of the world.
  • The slave trade all over the Atlantic and its approach at present days.
  • The African factor as a component of the national identity of the American, and Caribbean people.
  • Diacrony and synchrony in linguistics, philosophical, historical and literary studies on Africa, Afro-American and Afro Caribbean.
  • Genre, race and identity having in perspective the different African studies.
  • Multiculturalism, "transculturation", and reafricanization as modern tendencies.
  • The political and cultural relationships among Africa and American people at present.
  • African religions. Its situation in the African context. Evolution and "transculturation" in the New World.
  • Psychiatry and religion.
  • African traditional medicine. Its development and its relationship with other types of traditional medicine in the New World. Tropical Medicine in Africa and in Afro America.
  • Africa in the XXI century. Different modern cultural problems of the African continent.
  • Cuban medical experience in Africa. Links between Medicine and Culture.


    Workshop: "Colour and form"

      Devoted to the different branches of Fine Arts, in which the African trace is shown. All those painters, sculptors, ceramists, engravers, and photographers could participate with theoretical works regarding the following topics:
      • The African trace of Fine Arts in the New World.
      • Fine Arts and the African continent.
      • The concept of Artist in Africa.

      Those concerned could also participate with a sample of their work, having no more than three pieces, which will be shown in a collective salon.

      The regulation of the inscriptions will be in accordance with the general regulations of the meeting.

    Workshop: "Images"

      Devoted to the movie and to the video of ethnological type and also to the African movie as such, this workshop will approach the African trace in America.

      The participants could show films, videos and they could expound theoretical works regarding the following topics:

      • Literature, movie and video. Treatment to the african descendant in the mass media.
      • The video of ethnological type. Its contribution to the knowledge of the African culture and to the process of "transculturation" in the New World.

      The necessary techniques for the exhibition of the samples must be sent within the limits of the closing date.

      Videos and material films will have no move than 30 minutes of duration.

      Producers, who want to show their works, will have the opportunity to show them in different movies of the city, having the chance to organize a debate about them.

      The regulations of the inscriptions will be in accordance with the general regulations of the meeting.

    Workshop: "The ancestral rhythm"

      Devoted to dance and music of African origin and those of the American continent.

      Choreographers, musicians, dancers, musicologists and all those persons interested on the subject, could participate regarding the following topics:

      • The African music. History, evolution and present situation of the continent.
      • The African influence in the music and dance of the New World. Analogy, differences, changes, and the process of creation up to the national music.
      • The African factor as a basic element in works of musical and dancing type.

      Performances will not last more than 10 minutes, having no more than four dancers. Those groups interested on participate as a whole will have the opportunity to do it in specific stages of the city. Since performances come to be a part of the exhibition they will be developed without payment.

      The regulations of the inscription will be in accordance with the general regulations of the meeting.


Summaries will provide general information about the main topics of the works. They will have no more than 100 words and they will include: Title, author's name and surname, scientific degree, educational category, institution and country of origin, address, telephone number, fax, e-mail.

Works will be delivered before December 30, 2005.


Reports will have a maximum extension of 5 sheets and the exposition will be developed in no more than 15 minutes. The expositions will be published in only one volume, for which they must be delivered in digital format in accordance with the following requisites: double space, arial word 10 in the case of texts and arial word 9 in the case of bibliography and notes, having in mind that notes will be placed at the end of the document.

Works will be delivered before December 30, 2005 and only those in accordance with the regulations mentioned before will be published. Reports will not be published.

The Organizing Committee has the right to accept or do not accept the reports.

In any case, the committee will make know its decision till February 15, 2006.

Inscription Quota

Reporters and delegates: 150.00 USD
Students: 80.00 USD


You could ask for a lodging module at low price in some of the hotels of the city by means of Havanatur offices.


English, French and Spanish.


      Dra. Marta E. Cordiés Jackson
      Director African Cultural Center "Fernando Ortiz"
      General Coordinator IX Conference on African and Afro-American Culture
      Ave. Manduley No. 106 esq. A 5ta
      Reparto Vista Alegre, Santiago de Cuba, CP: 90400
      Telefax: (53-22) 642487 — (53-22) 623893 (at night)
      E-mail: ccult.f.ortiz@cu

      Dr. Luis Beltrán R.
      International Coordinator
      Director Cátedra UNESCO de Estudios Afroiberoamericanos
      Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Universidad de Alcalá
      E-28801 Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. España
      Tel. (34 91) 8854202
      Fax: (34 91) 8854239

Courtesy by Jesús Guanche

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