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VIII Overseas Chinese Festival. Call

Comité Organizador del VIII Festival de Chinos de Ultramar

Havana Chinatown Promoting Group from the Office of the Historian of Havana City, the Cathedra of Studies on Chinese Immigration in Cuba, from the House of High Studies "Don Fernando Ortiz" of the University of Havana, the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), the Cuban Federation of Martial Arts, and the Cuban Association of Wushu, call to the International Theoretical-Practical Conference that will be held on the occasion of the VIII Overseas Chinese Festival from May 30th to June 3rd, 2005.

The central objective of this Conference will be that of gathering investigators, professionals, studious and sportsmen of Wushu in Cuba and other countries in order to exchange ideas, discuss and study this matters in deep.

Paralleling, individual and collective competitions of this sport will take place.

Mr. Wang Xiaoling, president of the Chinese Federation of Martial Arts and Secretary of the International Federation of Wushu, will participate as Guest of Honor in the Festival.

The main topic that presides over the Conference will be:

Practice of Wushu: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The subjects to debate will be:

The works presented will be 15 pages minimum and 25 maximum. They should be handed printed and supported in digital format. Researchers must send a brief summary of the lecture before April 30th.

An expert's commission will previously select the works to be presented, and this decision will be unappealing.

The Organizer Committee of the Conference proposes a new variant this year: those research projects uninitiated or in progress, can participate with the proper theoretical and methodological basis. The projects will be 10 pages minimum and will be handed as it was mentioned before.

Wushu Competitions Call

  • Participants
    Associations belonging to the IWUF.
    Those groups of Wushu that have been recognized by the associations belonging to the IWUF.
    Those groups of Wushu located in countries or not affiliated regions to the IWUF.

  • Competitive Events
    Fist Routines.
    Apparatuses or weapons.
    Group Events.

  • Participation method
    The competition will adopt those "Rules for the International Competition of Toulú" imposed by the IWUF in 1999.
    The events are divided by ages:
      Group A: less than 17 years old individual events.
      Group B: 17 to 35 years old individual events.
      Group C: more than 35 years old events in group.

        Group A: Participants will compete in traditional routines. Each participant has to carry out no more than 2 individual events (free fist or weapons).

        Group B: Participants will compete in regulation routines. Each participant has to carry out no more than 2 individual events.
        Event 1 (Fist routine): Chang quan, Nanquan or Taiji quan.
        Event 2 (Routine with weapons): Jianshu, Daoshu, Qiangshu, Gunshu, Nandao, Nangun, or Taijijian.

        Group C: Participants will compete in Liangong Shibafa or Taijiquan 8 movements. Each team will be integrated by 5 athletes minimum and 10 athletes maximum. Each team will be able to participate in only one collective event (they Tie Gong Shi Ba Fa or Taiji quan 8 movements).

  • Limit time
    The fist routines and weapons routines, will last from 50 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds.
    Taijiquan will last from 5 to 6 minutes. The routine with apparatus of Taiji, will last from 3 to 4 minutes.
    The events in groups will be carried out with the original music of each modality.
    There is not limit in the number of participants and teams of each country or region.
    The participant teams should register from May 29, 2005, on. It is not required for the teams or associations belonging to the IWUF from any country or region, to hand certificates emitted by their respective entities.
    Please report to the Organizing Committee the date and details of your arrival so it can arrange the transportation details.

  • Financial Condition
    Each participant team will be responsible for its expenses.

  • Lodging
  • Hotel

    Plan (map)

    Double Room

    Single Room

    Hotel Triton
    35.00 CUC x PAX x DAY

    5 nights

    175.00 CUC

    225.00 CUC

    4 nights

    140.00 CUC

    180.00 CUC

    Hotel Melia Havana
    75.00 CUC x PAX x DAY

    5 nights

    375.00 CUC

    475.00 CUC

    4 nights

    300.00 CUC

    380.00 CUC

    Cerro Pelado Sport Residence
    30.00 CUC x PAX

    5 nights

    150.00 CUC


    4 nights

    120.00 CUC


    The price includes: transfer in-out, lodging, breakfast, dinner, primary medical services and airport facilities.

    The teams of the associations belonging to the IWUF will pay $ 10.00 CUC for the inscription.
    The non-member teams of the IWUF associations will pay $ 20.00 for the inscription.
    The participant teams will be responsible for their own expenses.

    All persons interested in participating in the Event can get in contact with the following people and their respective addresses:

      Lic. Carmen Eng
      Chinese Arts and Traditions House
      Salud 313 / Gervasio and Escobar, Center Havana, Havana
      Fax: 537 8666482
      Phone: 537 8635450 — 537 8639632

      Roberto Vargas Lee
      Cuban Association of Wushu
      Phone: 537 8627338

      Mario Peláez Sosa
      Cubadeportes SA
      Calle 20 e/ 7ª y 9ª
      Fax: 537 2041914
      Phone: 537 2047230 — 537 2040945 al 48

      Miss Yanet Jiménez Rojas
      House of High Studies "Don Fernando Ortiz"
      Calle L No. 160, Vedado, Havana, Cuba
      Fax: 537 8329115
      Phone: 537 8326841

  • Registration fee in the Theoretical Conference
    Participants: $ 70.00 CUC.
    Companions: $ 55.00 CUC.

      It includes:

        Participation in all the activities.
        Welcoming toast, lunches, receptions and closing activity.
        Demonstration of the Arts and Chinese Traditions.

    Participation must be confirmed before April 30th, 2005.

    Cuban Agency Cubadeportes SA. is our tour-operator. You should contact it for details about lodgment and plane tickets.

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